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Centro de Ciências Naturais e Humanas (CCNH)

Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC)

Avenida dos Estados, 5001. Bairro Santa Teresinha

09210-580, Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil

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How to Arrive at UFABC


The campi of UFABC are currently divided into several buildings in the cities of Santo Andre and Sao Bernardo do Campo in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

The QIS group develops its activities in the Santo Andre campus, located on Avenida dos Estados No. 5001 (access for pedestrians beside the entrance of the supermarket parking at Avenida dos Estados).


By Car

The UFABC (campus Santo André) is easily accessible for those coming by car. Coming from São Paulo by Avenida dos Estados, in Santo André, around number 4500, near Rhodia and beside the Carrefour, you may spot (left) the set of buildings UFABC (Block B with 11 floors and A block with three towers).

The entrance to the parking at UFABC is located on Rua Abolição, on the back side of the campus. Who comes from São Paulo need to make a return at Avenida dos Estados to access this street (check Google Maps above).


By Train and Subway

The most convenient way to reach the UFABC is using the subway and train. The "Estação Prefeito Celso Daniel - Santo André" of the CPTM (São Paulo Train Company) is just a few yards from UFABC (less than 10 minutes walk).

To get to the Santo André Station you must take the train Line 10 - Color Turquoise (Braz - Maua or Braz - Rio Grande da Serra) of CPTM. This line connects with the subway system in Braz terminal station (Line 3 - Red) and Tamandatueí (Line 2 - green), and runs from 4 a.m. to 24, with a mean interval between trains ranging from 8 to 15 minutes depending the time of day.
There is also a connection via bus corridor (EMTU) between stations Santo André CPTM and Jabaquara Metro (Line 1 - Blue), though this path may be long during peak hours of traffic.


Map of the Subway and Train Lines (pdf) 

Route planner using Subway and Train

Wikipedia: Sao Paulo Subway system

Wikipedia: Metropolitan Train System


By Train and Subway

Several bus lines can be used to get to the Santo André campus of UFABC. Next to the Santo André Train Station there are two bus terminals, Santo André Leste e Oeste  (map).

Routes from São Paulo can be checked in the EMTU (Empresa Metropolitana de Transportes Urbanos de São Paulo) webpage []

For information regarding the local bus lines in Santo André, check:


Wikipedia: Metropolitan Bus System EMTU


UFABC's circular bus line


The UFABC provides a circular bus line that connects the metropolitan transport terminals with their campuses. We recommend using this bus to traverse the path between the train station and UFABC. Buses are identified as Viação Santo Ignácio and by a sign with the name of the university. The most updated schedule can always be found on UFABC page.
Please note that some buses make a longer path that connects the various campuses UFABC and may take several minutos to reach the campus Santo André. Most travel is a quick round-UFABC around the station. Always ask the driver if this is the case.


Arriving from other cities


From São Paulo main bus terminal - Terminal Rodoviário do Tietê


This terminal has an integrated subway station. You should take the Metro (Line 1 - Blue) towards Jabaquara, disembark at the station Sé and then catch the Line 3 - Red -towards Corinthians-Itaquera. Arriving in Brás station, you can take the train -Turquoise Line 10 (CPTM - free transfer) towards Maua - Rio Grande da Serra, finally arriving in Santo André train station. This path takes about 50 minutes.

Wikipedia: Tiete Bus Station

Google Maps: Tiete Bus Station

From Guarulhos International Airport (Cumbica)


Taxi: The path is relatively long, about 50 km. The taxi fare from Cumbica to UFABC is approximately R$ 160.00.


Bus-Metro: One option is to use the special bus service, Airport Service [], and the subway. You can take a bus bound for the Republic Station of the Metro (Line 3 - red). From there take the subway towards Itaquera, disembark at Station Braz and take the Train Line 10 - Turquoise CPTM - Towards Maua / Rio Grande da Serra, arriving at Santo André train station. Map this path.

Another cheaper option, for those with little or no luggage, is the city bus that goes from the airport to Terminal Tatuapé of the Subway (Line 3 - red). Take the subway towards Barra Funda (subway fare around R$ 3.00), disembark at the station and take the train Braz Line 10 - Turquoise CPTM - (free transfer) towards Maua - Rio Grande da Serra, finally arriving in Santo André train station. Map of this path.

Guarulhos International Airport - official page

Wikipedia: Guarulhos International Airport


From Congonhas domestic airport (São Paulo)

Taxi: The taxi fare from Congonhas airport to UFABC is approximately R$ 120.00, paid beforehand. It is better to choose the taxi companies where you pay a fixed price, before embarking on the traxi, such as this one.  Beware of taxi drivers which try to contact directly with customers upon leaving the luggage room. Inquire about rates before catching the taxi.

Subway: Congonhas airport is close to Saúde and São Judas subway stations. You can take a taxi to one of these stations (~ R$ 20.00), from there take the subway towards Tucuruvi, switch in Ana Rosa or Paraiso Station to the train on Line 2 - Green Metro, towards Tamaduateí station. There you can make a free transfer to Line 10 - Turquoise CPTM - (free transfer) towards Maua - Rio Grande da Serra, finally arriving in Santo André train station.

Congonhas Airport - Official Page

Wikipedia: Congonhas Airport

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