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Quantum simulation of protons and neutrons

The interest in quantum simulation is manifold. Properties of the simulated system are gathered by dealing with other systems that are much more easily manipulated and measured. In this sense, the development of quantum computing is gaining further significance as a valuable tool that sheds light on difficult problems studied from a new viewpoint. Perhaps, the most important feature here is the fact quantum simulators would not only provide new results (hardly achievable classically), but also allow to test models whose experimental access is either too expensive or beyond the reach of current technology. In a recent paper, Fernando Semião in collaboration with Mauro Paternostro (Queen’s University, Belfast) moved along such lines. They propose a simple protocol for mimicking the quark model of nucleonic spin states based on the digital quantum simulator approach.

For more information see: Quantum Inf. Process. 11, 67 (2012) | arXiv |.

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